ability to delete soulutions

For the design challenges, like the finger, would it be possible to delete, or atleast hide from voting system the designs you have put up, even if the 3 slots give you the option, i dont like the fact 2 of my solutions i feel are wrong

Ryan, the dev team has been discussing this issue for a long time.

Basically, if you allow people to delete designs, the voting system starts to crumble. You can play many kind of malicious tricks - for example you can submit a design, wait for people to vote on it, and delete it right before the deadline.

Of course the dev team realizes “no delete” is a brutal way to prevent cheat and would like to find a way around it - any ideas?

hmm. perhaps a way of the user to flag a design as there preffered, and the ability to delete ones that have no votes,

Certainly, at least being able to delete one’s embarrassing first attempts seems doable (and humane :slight_smile: )… perhaps only being able to delete within a pre-determined time period, or within a given session - would provide an acceptable compromise alternative - or, more specifically, say… if you leave a solution up for - 24 hours - it becomes permanent and un-deletable, but within first 24 hours, you can delete to your heart’s content… ?

This would allow players to clean up their own messes, and not clutter up the list with designs they themselves have deemed inferior, or if they just simply realized later, that they were barking up the wrong tree with a certain design.

It strikes me that it wouldn’t mess up the system if you were allowed to delete submitted designs as long as no one had voted for them. What do you think, Jee?

I like this idea (being able to delete RNA’s if they have no votes) even better than my previous idea of time limits. There are few enough votes that they are precious; no serious player would want to delete his own design if it had been voted for, and no serious player would want to waste a precious vote just to lock someone out of being able to delete; it wouldn’t make sense.

Overall, to me, this idea sounds workable and looks as if it would address Ryan’s original request perfectly

In light of your comments, Dimension, I have added this as feature 226 in the bug tracker.

Is any resolution of this question possible (if not likely) to be in effect for our benefit in submitting designs for round 4?

Dear Ryan and Dimension9: This bug is marked as “open,” which means that it’s definitely in our development pipeline. However, it has been marked as a “Medium” priority, which means that we will probably get it it some time before our big launch on January 11th, but likely not immediately.

Thank you for you valuable feedback, and for helping to make EteRNA excellent!

I’d like to be able to flag designs in the lab for own purposes:
green = looks really good, I’m gonna vote for that one
yellow = looks promising, it’s worth a second view
red = bollocks
no flag = haven’t seen it yet