adobe popup

Adobe pop up precludes playing the game. Pops up after every move. Not fun!

mummiebrain, can you tell us exactly what the pop up said?

It’s unlikely the pop up is coming from our end…

It said that it wanted to use 1 MB of my hard drive! - and the choices were accept or deny. So I clicked deny multiple times until it was finally recognized. Then I clicked on one dot in a puzzle and !!!bingo!!! the message was back. It popped every time I hit a dot and froze me out of playing. Finally I opened another browser window and went into Adobe and it gave incredibly convoluted instructions of how to set the amount of space adobe (or the site perhaps) can use (for what? what are they storing?) so I didn’t bother. I just clicked ‘accept’ and it let me back in the game.
I’d love to figure this out, especially if EteRNA is not needing to store something on my machine, because I don’t want Adobe or anyone else to do so!

I have exactly the same problem. I have a MacBook, I’ve never had any problem with virus, malware, or persistent unwanted popup windows before. EteRNA is the only website that shows this popup window, and it pops up in every move. I won’t accept to store anything from unknown people in my hard drive. So unfortunately I can’t play with this at home anymore. I even deleted any reference to it from my home computer. Too bad, I’ll have to warn anyone about this problem too.

The message says:
Adobe Flash Player Settings
Local Storage requesting permission to store information on your computer
Requested: Up to 1 MB
Currently Used: 100 kB

I recently reported the same thing:…

To mummiebrain and atressa2000: There’s nothing malicious about the pop-up – in fact, it was designed so that you, as an end-user, are aware of changes being made. Flash is asking for a little more room to wiggle and, as long as you say “Yes”, it shouldn’t re-appear.

I’m curious, however, if the expanded space was part of the plan.

Thank you Cold Storage. I don’t know anything about computers; I am surprised that if I deny access the popup window appears in every move, so I really can’t play the game. What is the use of asking to accept or deny, if denying blocks the game?

The reason that everyone is having this problem is that the game is saving your current solution in the memory that Flash is allowed to use on your computer. After you play for a while, it uses up the default amount of storage space (100kB). Therefore, as a courtesy, Flash asks you if it can have a little more room. The reason that is asks after every move is because it auto saves after every change you make.

So click accept and keep playing. Nothing different will happen then has before.

Thank you,

If the resize of the shared object was a decision/expectation in development, why not trigger the resize when users sign up and start their first tutorial?

I’m having trouble with this now because I accidentally clicked the wrong box when Adobe asked for more storage space. Now none of the challenge puzzles will load! How do I “re-allow” Adobe to have room? I’m getting close to having solved 400 puzzles and I’d hate to lose everything, and I can’t play! Rats!

Hi Clara01

Go to the challenge game screen [even if it doesn’t load]. Right click [or cmd-click on mac] on the screen and you’ll see the menu “settings”.

Clicking on “settings” will pop up an Adobe menu. One of the tabs will indicate how many storage you’ll allow and you can change back the setting there.