Algorithms as players

Add algorithms as players not only in competitions but also in normal puzzles.

-each algorithm is another player
-maybe 2 different scoreboards, one for humans and one for algorithms OR just one scoreboard but you should be able to tell which player is human and which is not
-this way we could compare algorithms with each other and with humans
-it would motivate players to beat the “robots” and scientists to write better algorithms to beat “enemy robots” and the humans

Although it is not mentioned specifically in Madde’s idea post above, to me this idea implies the addition of LUA scripting, and player algorithms as well as “programmer/scientist” algorithms.
I seriously LIKE this idea!

Madde: This is a fantastic idea. In fact, we are already continuously comparing players’ solutions to standard algorithms. This is one of the main bases for scientific discovery in EteRNA. We simply haven’t hooked them together so that players can see the results, but we should definitely do this.

In the meantime, we’re desperately trying to get everything ready for the launch next week. Please do play on the 10th and 11th. You will see A LOT more players suddenly playing the game.

Also, if you have any friends who might like “founding member” status in EteRNA (complete with shiny badge when we get that working), then please add them within the next week, as that window will close forever once we launch.

You folks are the best beta testers we could ask for!

I’d find being able to program algorithms to solve puzzles probably more interesting than doing them manually. This is still fun to play around with though. But as old computer science major, it’d give me an excuse to brush up on my programming skills. :slight_smile: