API HTML rendering is "broken"

Take a look at this: http://eternagame.org/get/?type=past_projects&size=400&skip=161&sort=date

There’s a rather significant problem here ATTEMPTING to view it from your browser. “/” characters are replaced with “/”, which is done for technical reasons. I understand that. However, being that the opening tags work just fine, it makes viewing the page… rather difficult. Formatting never ends (works for stuff like bolding and headings too), br tags are quite interesting, and the lovely iframes that Eli used to embed youtube videos cause nothing after them to show up in the query (the lab doesn’t finish, not even the description from that point, and no labs after show up).

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These URLs are APIs. As such, they are NOT meant to be directly viewed in browsers. Never were, never will.

PS: is it truly necessary to use the “horror” sensationalism in your tags? seriously?

Sadly, that’s the only way to find out what the data is until the API docs get updated (Omei has been working on it, and I plan to do a bunch of work with that), and to verify the data you’re looking at as well. Not critical, not intended, but helpful none the less as I’ve been using it.

I was getting particularly surprised at the number of issues that I had to work through to try and find the info I needed. I’ll remove it once I get the chance. Admittedly it was getting late, thanks for forcing me to think about that (“Note to self:When LFP6 is getting tired and frustrated, don’t let him file bug reports or he’ll get snarky”). My apologies. EDIT: Done.