Banner covers return to puzzle button

I totally agree with your rationale. Much better to keep things organized and thus more manageable. 
    However, in closing off my last post you prevented me from posting a very lengthy and well thought out post about further quirks of the new EternaJS and thus when I went to post what I had typed the entire thing was lost forever…and so I am temporarily grumpy with you (but I’ll get over it. )

As an aside your new banner covers the ‘X’ for closing out after solving a puzzle. Thus I am forced to either remove the banner (and it is such a nice banner) or select ‘Next Puzzle’ which had previously been bugged (I will investigate). Thank you for all of your effort, you are one of the best things that’s happened to Eterna, and thus I don’t actually wish damnation upon you. 

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The “Next Puzzle” Link no longer brings me to a corrupted page :smiley:

Whoops :grimacing: Sorry about that.

Also: Didn’t think anyone would want to keep the banner around lol. Fixed.

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