Bigger minimap for RNA unstable bond.

It would be nice to be able to have a bigger size map of your RNA to see more in details the affected areas on your RNA.


if you have your mouse over the minimap, it will expand and show you more details.

Let us know if that doesn’t work!

EteRNA team

What I meant by that was to have a big mini-map at all time without having to go over the picture. Again. It’s out of convenience. I think other people would agree that a lot of time is wasted having to drag the mouse over the mini-map to see the affected area. It could be moved under the other icons for your missions so that it doesn’t take too much space over your puzzle.

I think the map should not need a mouse-over to enlarge it - instead, it should be a Hot-Key activated enlargement, with a toggle key (perhaps “m” for map, or “s” for shape)… Enlarged with a hot-key-press when you want it, and kept enlarged without further effort or obscuring pop-ups until your hit the toggle again to re-shrink it.

Because, while it is enlarged, you want to use your mouse to make changes and observe the effects in the enlarged graphic - this cannot happen if it is mouse-over activated, since it auto-shrinks back as soon as you move the mouse away


Number 231 on the Task list “Magnify shape thumbnail on key press”

Good to hear!

Thanks mat747 for calling up the bug tracker! For everyone’s reference, the link is here.