Challenges hiding and sorting.

Maybe it will be handy to have an option to hide cleared challenges and to show only challenges of some kind (for example sort by form).

That is a great idea. I put it down as a feature # 129 in our task tracker so our team can discuss it. Thanks for the input!

At least have a choice to see only the uncleared challenges … and the NEW ones

So I talked with our developers. Being able to hide cleared challenges along with other filter options would be really helpful. Sadly due to developer time restrictions we won’t be able to add this functionality in the near future. However we will let you know if we start working on it!

Also to the Eterna Community, if you would like this feature reply to this post or like this idea!

Thanks again for the idea!


It would be practical to sort challenges by difficulty level.
At present you can sort with: easiest levels first -> hardest last, but it can be tiresome to flip through the puzzles page by page.
I would like to see only challenges with, let’s say, difficulty level 4 (or 3 or any difficulty level) and have all of these first in the list of challenges.
That way it would be easier to find puzzles as the list grows.

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Sorting of levels: selecting challenge puzzles by specific difficulty level.

Shows as Done and Pending, any ETA on it reaching production? Especially helpful on Player Puzzles now that so many are being created per day.