Chat feature continuously "Connecting.."

The Chat feature does not work for me when I am logged in. It continuously displays “Connecting…”. I can see the Chat and the Players Online listing when I am not logged in. Any advice you could provide would be appreciated!! Thanks.
Please note that I am not very computer savvy so describe any possible solutions in detail or with screen shots.

Did you figure out a solution yet? I am still having trouble with this as well. I also consider myself computer savvy.

Hi 77Tennifry and GameAcc5491

We recently had a chat server reset and that could have affected the connection at the time. It should be working fine now. Can you let me know if the chat still doesn’t work for you?

Hi GameAcc5491 and Jeehyung Lee,

The Chat feature still does not work for me. It is flashing “Connecting…” like before. I had hoped it might correct itself with the upgrade, but no luck.

Is it possible that it might be related to the characters we selected for either our user name or password? For example, it looks like I may be the only user name to start with a number?

Thanks for your help!!