chat frozen ?

chat seems broken , might be just broken for me though - I closed everything on the machine down and then reopened mozilla, logged in, chat seems frozen in place at a comment I made about 30 mins ago, anything I typed since has not appeared. Just thought I’d flag it up in case it’s affecting others.


The chat works for me. Is the chat still frozen for you? If so, could you please send us your system specs so we can try to reproduce the error?


I added it our tracker as a bug #535.



unfrozen after about 1 hour

Hmmm…! I had a chat problem earlier this week, and it turned out to be a caching issue on my browser… Somehow the cached version of the chat code and the rest of the site had gotten out of synch. I managed to fix it by clearing my browser’s cache and logging back in. (Sorry, for not mentioning this earlier, but I forgot this episode.) If any chat problems come up again, that might be something to try.

I’m glad the problem is fixed!

My browser cache is set to clear every time I shut it down (as my machine is short enough on memory as it is) so I’d already cleared the cache -it wasn’t that :slight_smile: