chat link to users with 6-digit eterna player ID goes to wrong user

LIVE CHAT link to user with 6-digit eterna player ID goes to wrong user.  the routine is NOT passing all the digits to the server.  Example, 
the community shows a user as dennisprokofiev
live chats shows user as dennis-prokofiev
when you click on “dennis-prokofiev” in the LIVE CHAT tab, eterna opens
user Tainaka

please pass all 6 digits to fix

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The issue is not really related to the length of the user ID, and has a lot more to do with the length of the nickname (and with an obscure IRC server-side limitation)

This is a very old issue though, 5 years old to be more precise, and derives from questionable choices from an early developer (not Jee). In any case, there is unfortunately no simple way to fix it, and it is doubtful that it makes any sense to invest much (Flash) coding cycles in that issue if we’re soon re-implementing everything in HTML5…

I’ll look again, maybe I missed a “neat” trick to solve the problem easily, but no promises.

thx for looking into it.