Chat not connecting

Chat not connecting while using firefox 3.6.12 with Flash 10.1 R102 running under dist. Ubuntu 10.10

Thanks for reporting this problem. Chat seems to not be connecting on my computer either. Our developers will take a look at this right a way!

In the meantime I have put it in our bug tracker as bug # 120 under High priority.

Thanks again for bringing this problem to our attention!

Is it possible to connect to the eterna chat server with an external client?

It is currently not possible to do so, but we could look into enabling that feature.

However, the chat is back up, thanks to Jee Lee!

p.s. Thank you for reporting this, Apple.

Bravo Jee, much regrets though, mine is not up.

Hi, apple.muncy ,

can you tell us which platform (Mac/Windows/Linux) and browser you are using? Thanks!

Hey Jee,
Actually I’ve shifted machines but same set up and still not working.
Chat not connecting while using firefox 3.6.12 with Flash 10.1 R102 running under dist. Ubuntu 10.10 eg. Linux
And I tried with browser Chromium also but no go.

So I’m thinking that because I requested a username with a period in it, your chat sever is crying foul.
As near as I can tell your IRC Server is running wide open, which is fine for beta testing but some kind of security will need to be put in to keep people from faking identities.

So if I am right about the period being the trouble, I would request a username of apple_muncy would suit me. I could easily abandon the apple.muncy account. I’ll submit a request by email.

Thanks for figuring that out. I talked to Snehal (who handles accounts) and he just changed your user name from apple.muncy to apple_muncy.

If you could, let us know if that solves your chat problems.

Thank you, I’m in and chatting now.

We changed chat to allow ids with dots - try it out!

Greetings Jee,
I no longer have a period in my eterna username so I am unable to test if a period in the username works within the game chat.
I have tried with the external IRC client and apple.muncy is rejected but apple-muncy works.
As I see the it, IRC usage is in decline and documentation is dispersing from the Internet making it difficult administer. Good Luck.

Hi Apple_muncy

Actually, it’s the flash chat side we modified to allow dots in nicknames.

It’s the IRC protocol that doesn’t allow dots in nicknames, so if you connect with external IRC, it’ll be rejected. But if you log in to our website with apple.muncy, you should be able to chat.

We could further look into modifying IRC server itself to fundamentally allow nicknames with non-alphabet symbols, but for now, our flash chat should work fine.