Competition ideas

I had a couple of ideas for competitions.

  1. Instead of just bragging rights, lets offer up some points to the top N (I’ll use 5 for the rest of the post). At the end of the first 24 hours after a competition was posted, award points to the top 5 players. Not too much, maybe 1st place gets 250 pts and 2nd-5th places get 100 each (or 200/150/100/50). A bit more incentive, and another way for the top ranks to change once everyone has completed their puzzles.

  2. After the points competitions (so not in the first 24 hours) offer an option to see the top player’s solution. Once you see the top player’s solution, your solution is locked in and you can’t advance in the rankings for that puzzle. This will allow players to learn from the winners for that competition. There have been several competitions where I was absolutely stumped on how to find the last 3 GU pairs, and being able to see how the winners completed the puzzle would give me the opportunity to improve my puzzle solving ability.

That’s it for now.


I think those are both great ideas - however I think we should be careful about the second idea, as there can be many ways to abuse it (since people can always take a screenshot, and upload it to chat).

The first idea has been added to our task list as case # 430.

Thanks for ideas!

EteRNA team

Competition period of 24 hour is far too short, it would require a player to check in to eterna everyday and be able available to play everyday and with peoples busy lives (work/family) I believe its unrealistic/not a level playing field.