Congratulations & Thank You to the Eterna Development Team!

To all the developers, programmers, and scientists who have been involved with the Eterna project,

Congratulations on the successful launch of Eterna 2.0! It looks great! It really marks a major milestone in the evolution of the project as there have been numerous key developments since the introduction of the initial version.

It is very exciting to see how the development of the game has led to the increasing complexity of the RNA labs. Taking the lab from basic starting shapes, which were designed by developers, to shapes designed-by-players and FMN Switches is a remarkable achievement.

Thank you for all your time and hard-work, especially when many of you are juggling your studies and other projects. Also, players don’t get to see all of the behind-the-scenes efforts, such as fund-raising and recruiting, which are necessary for keeping the project up & running. Thank you for all your efforts in those areas as well.

Thank you for the kind words, merryskies. It’s a fun project that the whole EteRNA team loves being a part of. We are very pleased to have such a supportive and talented community of players. Nothing gets us more excited than to have people take such an active interest in science!

Thanks merryskies - it really means lot to us. We are also preparing more exciting features for the such as switch puzzle maker or scripting interface for advanced players : ]