Contrast to low - Colour of pair constraint numbers in puzzles

The drak green color of the target numbers (in the pair constraints to left in puzzles) is very hard to read particularly in comparison to the white static number next to it. It would be easier and faster to read if the static number was dark green and the changing number white. Or the dark green could be replaced with a colour to provide a higher contrast against the black background.

SPM: Thank you for all the great feedback over the past few days. We will try to get to these as soon as possible. Normally, there is a simple pipeline so that player requests are entered into a work queue, but this is an exceptional week for us. EteRNA is launching next Tuesday (with major press coverage), and so I hope that you will be kind enough to be patient.

Also, we are rolling out a set of final features over the next week, and would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks for being a great “founding member!”