Cooperation on impossible puzzles

Idea for trying to solve difficult - presumed impossible challenges/puzzles

cooperation is really difficult at teh moment, you can take a camera shot of the puzzle you are having problems with but someone else then has to paint in all the bases to match the same pattern before they can really see where you are at - a bit painful.

when you have one of those challenges you can copy the sequence you have (if you’re very close) and then if you were to open the labs tab (perhaps) when you 'enter a series of bases button you could paste the sequence from the challenge into that space) - the trouble with it is if the challenge has a different number of bases to the lab it won’t work.

So I wondered whether the Eterna programmers might like to let us have a ‘shared challenges’ area where they could insert all the challenges that are presumed impossible and have had zero solutions (so far), and have it set up so that it behaves like the lab. letting other people carry on (in their own version) where you left off - you could have the sequence which was closest to the final shape and obeyed the constraints as the default starting point for people to work from (rather than all yellow).

Edward: This is a really creative and cool idea! I’ve put it in the bug tracker as feature #534. The developers will definitely talk about this, but I should let you know that most of our intellectual and coding resources are currently centered on writing the first EteRNA paper, and on innovations in the lab as we transition to much greater experimental throughput. (However, we’d love to have creative ideas such as this as we work on improvements to the lab! Getsat is the place to make suggestions.) We probably won’t get around to a serious rethinking of the player puzzles for another 6 months, at least.

is this not getsat ?

This is indeed getsat! In other words, you have been posting in exactly the right place! :slight_smile: I was simply saying that we’d love to additionally apply your creativity to the upcoming lab interface!