Copy sequence from puzzle.

I know this has been talked about before but I would like to test script results
against a dot plot (many available on-line).
Instead of crowding the screen any more with more buttons I would like to propose a “Hot Key” instead like: “Altl W” that would copy the sequence into the cut/paste box much like “Cntl C” does.
This solution might be faster since screens will not have to be modified.

Hi JR, Thanks for your suggestion. Keyboard shortcut issue has been discussed many times. I think it is much more better to make players set their own hot key instead of asking, changing, recompiling the games and redistributing :slight_smile:

And also, I’m not sure whether it is possible but I try to find the way for users to use dotplot in the script interface. It is much more convenient for your test. Thanks

Also this issue has been added our issue tracker. Please check here…