Countdown timer for puzzle creation (and any other feature limited by time)

I sometimes find myself sitting ready with a new puzzle, and having to wait until the 24h limitation has passed.
Not a problem, though it would be nice if I could see how long I’d have to wait, so I wouldn’t have to try so often.
(Granted, I could write down the times when submissions were uploaded, but then, I am a lazy person easily distracted by my kids, and submission time stamps only include the days…)


Hi Salish!

Stlnegril9 has made a script that does just that checking for you and give you a time for when you can publish your next puzzle. Nando updated the script:…

I like the script a lot. I usually dig it up, checking on Hoglahoo’s profile page.

Thanks, Eli.
Fantastic script!!!

I would also like to have this feature, and will add my support to it everytime it pops up :slight_smile: