Descriptive Pop-up Obscures Zoomed-in Thumbnail

Hi, just a minor issue:

Concerning recent upgrade #4:

  1. Magnifying puzzle thumbnail in the game

Hover your mouse over the target shape thumbnail in the game. It’ll zoom in!

… the tool-tip-like descriptive pop-up which accompanies the zoom-in - unfortunately also obscures the view of the larger graphic. This can be worked-around by carefully locating the click in an area where the tool-tip pops up mostly out of the way, but it is annoying to have to do so. Can the location of the pop-up be offset so that it never obscures the zoomed-in graphic?

Thanks, And Best Regards!

-d9 :slight_smile:

Ahh. That’s a good point.

It’s now case #230 in our bug/feature tracker!

This topic was raised over 2 years ago. What is the current status??
Apparently not yet resolved?