Discrepancy in bots solving Player Puzzles?

I noticed a couple of puzzles have a comment that InfoRNA failed to solve them, but they’re not on InfoRNA’s unsolved list, and on the puzzle menu page they have the “InfoRNA Solved” icon. Did InfoRNA get a second go at them that wasn’t noted on the comments page?

Here’s an example:
The Hexagon by pkinney.

Comment on its comment page:
“InfoBot on Sat, 04/09/2011 - 18:54.
[BOT MESSAGE] InfoRNA failed to solve this puzzle.”

But on the menu page it shows the “InfoRNA Solved” icon, and it’s not on InfoRNA’s unsolved page

Hi Ding -

We looked at the puzzle and it turns out it’s from the old buggy bot we had. Thanks for reporting!

It’s the “Solved” sign that’s right and the comment is wrong. We’ll modify the comments ASAP

Thanks for the response, jee :slight_smile:

There were a couple others as well, including:


Maybe more, those are just the ones I remember seeing “InfoRNA failed to solved this puzzle” comments on.