Displaying folded solutions

The reults of what foled only show 1 solution, i feel it would be nice to see the actual solutions and how close they where to the shape as a percentage, to better gauge what works well,

Dear Ryan: If you scroll the lab results to the right, you can see a column called nature score which indicates the percentage success of each synthesized design. (We apologize that the scroll bars are not very visible, and plan to fix that – see bug 168 in the bug tracker.)

By clicking on the circular icon on the bottom (and scrolling all the way to the right), you can see this information on a per residue basis. Please click on the middle help button on the right for more information about how to interpret these results.

Finally, if you click on a design, click on “See,” then click on the beaker icon, you can see a graphical prediction of how the experimental result actually folded. We realize that this is a bit of a complicated interface, and are working on fixing it.

Please let us know if this answers your questions. Thank you for you invaluable feedback.