Does anyone here also volunteer at FoldIt?

If so, how has it helped you with EteRNA, if at all?

I have found that when studying molecular dynamics, even seeing the form almost exclusively can build up some intuition regarding the proper folding or conformation. Have any of you also experimented with the quantitative aspects of these fields?

Hi! I also play to Foldit but I consider myself still as a beginner so I can’t tell I see similar strategies to fold RNAs here. I’m interested by this suject, though, so keeping an eye on the answers.

Do you also understand the underlying science or do you just play intuitively based on your experience? I try to get what happens naturally, in that multiple cysteine residues almost certainly connect (with rubber band tools, granted).


Studying molecular dynamics where ?


Kevinjh: I’ve some theoretical notions about biochemistry but it’s hard to understand further notions. Then, I mostly try to guess how things fold from what I know, see what happens then and continue on intuition.

I’m sorry Mat but I’m afraid I don’t understand your question. I’m not an official student, only learning by myself for pleasure, reading articles and such.