Dot plot in a separate window.

Could one put the dot plot in a separate window?

This would make it much more practical to optimize the dot plot once the main structure is stable.

A hotkey to show / hide the dot plot would be a second best solution.

Hi dejerpha,

Thanks for your suggestion - it has been added as a case #480 in our task list.

We’ll keep you updated in this post!

EteRNA team

Hi dejerpha,

This idea has been implemented and is now in the game. (You can make small the dotplot small and put in in the corner).

Let us know if it doesn’t work!

EteRNA team

Hi dejerpha and Jee!

Love this feature. Especially having the meltplot beside is helpful.

Problem: The mimized meltcurve only follows what goes on in the puzzle, if changes are made with mouse direct in the design.

Neither the back and fort buttons in the bottom, nor the hotkeys z and y makes the meltcurve follow up to the changes made.

Hi Eli

That problem has been fixed. Thanks for reporting!