Drawing in Eterna

Here is an old idea resurfaced by Mat. Being able to draw on screen and have the drawing be visible in screenshots. I think it would be good if we could draw in game to highlight and to show things.

If we get a simple drawing tool, it will help us explain our thoughts. It will in particular aid us in helping the new players. Instead of saying top left screen or bottom right screen, to explain where tools are, this could be first step towards the interactive teaching channel we are dreaming of.

For now we share a few add ons that will enable you to draw on screen and share a picture. Any of you players knowing more and better drawing add ons? Please share.

[Screen Draw for Firefox](http://Screen Draw 1.0.11)

Drawing for Chrome

In the last tool you can’t use the ingame camera. But you can combine this tool with the screen capture Add on Lightshot.

Long term we are dreaming about having our own ingame Eterna drawing app. Having our own tools will make it easier for newcomers, as they don’t have to install extras and it will also make it possible getting the apps working perfect together.

Mat and Eli

Yes, it would be nice. Anybody on player side of equation who could implement this?

Just wanted to add that LightShot recently added some updates so the tool now holds both Screenshot function and Drawing in one. It is very easy to use and you can draw directly onto the screenshot you have just taken.

I have now found a few videos intros to Lighshot demonstrating the options buildt into the tool. I picked out a few that each cover a slightly different area of the tool’s abilities.

Lightshot - Software Review

Here is another one that has some nice explaining along.

LightShot - Save and share screenshots instantly

Here is a review of the previous version of Lightshot that doesn’t have the direct draw options. But I still think this review takes in some fine things. It shows how you can copy your picture to a drawing program like Paint (That I think almost always follows windows machines as an extra) This option is especially useful if you want more options for editing your picture than given in Lightshot.

How To Use Light Shot