EteRNA Bot Strategy Scoring Issue

It appears the reported synthesis scores for some designs may be off in the player strategies.

Here, it says that the synthesis score for "2 Picies Of Fried Chicken"was 98, however, when viewing the synthesis results in game, these are the results given to the players.

Here, it is listed as scoring 85. If the score given to players is correct, that would mean the scoring for player strategies would be off. There are similar scoring errors in the Simple RNA Switch lab puzzle, but I’m not sure how far it goes after that. So, the question is, is the scores that the bot has correct, or is there an error with how the scores are reported for the strategies?

I checked and saw this in both the Berex test and clean dot plot strategy, so I am guessing that it may be present in all other strategies as well.

As always, thanks for the game :slight_smile:

Hi Brourd,

Thanks for pointing this out -

I want to confirm that the 85 is the right score, and the “2 picies…” design showed 98.0 score on the strategy market because the strategy market was updated right after the first round result of “The Thinker” came out.

The “2 picies…” design was submitted in Round 2 and was closest to “The Sinker Mod” which scored 98 in Round 1. Internally, “2 picies…” was considered to have score 98 and the eternabot misinterpreted as an actual synthesis score.

This problem will be fixed and both strategy market/eternabot will be updated today.

Eterna team

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Thanks for the quick response and explanation.