Eterna Game bug while submitting a Paper Lab Proposal

I tried to post my Paper Lab Proposal at this address:…

because I want to analyse the properties of Small nucleolar RNA SNORA69.
I add you the picture here:…

I created at runtime a puzzle for this lab, I clicked “add puzzle”, and then I clicked the button “request”.
I got this strange screen:…
Feel free to contact me if you need more debugging info.

I posted details here:…
Luigi Usai - Verona - Italy


Hi Luigi Usai! Just confirming. I got this weird message too when I proposed my lab project. I don’t remember how I got around it. But I had to try a few times before it went through. I might have copied the structure and refreshed page.

Hi Eli :wink:
Yes, maybe I can even solve it and post the whole thing bypassing the website, but for me it’s really important helping Eterna Game to be “dummy proof”, so that non-programmers can find this game more addicting and fun.
I like very much to beta test software, I don’t know why… :slight_smile:
Whenever I’ll find some behaviour of this game strange, I’m going to open a bug request to improve it :slight_smile:
Thank you for your confirmation and, by the way, congratulations for your talent in this game :slight_smile: I’ve read about you in some newspaper, I don’t know, maybe Washington Post or New York Times? :smiley:
You have my respect :wink: