[Eterna JS] Lab description memory problems

When I make designs in lab, I often design a series and reuse the design description for a whole series of designs. These I typically make one after another and normally Eterna Flash holds the text in memory. However Eterna JS don’t hold the text in memory, contrary to Eterna Flash.

So when I start a new design, the series description and common title is gone. 


So for each design I have to rewrite:

  • Title
  • Comment
    Usually when I somehow loose a comment when making a design series, I can go back to the comment description for the design and copy out the description. Like this in Eterna Flash: 

However I can’t copy by highlighting the text in Eterna JS. 

Further trouble

Even more - if I make part of a design description and then go back and look at the design - as to recall which bases I made changes to or wish to put in the title - then the partial text and description is also gone, when I go to submitting again. 

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