[Eterna JS] New copy function takes extra clicks

Eterna flash - one click sequence copy function

In Eterna flash, I can activate the sequence copy function by one click, and I will already hold the copied sequence in the memory. I won’t need to click any button to grab the sequence from anywhere.

Click 1: Call the copy function - after this you will already grabbed the sequence. 

Eterna JS - two click sequence copy function

Click 1: Call the copy function - you don’t hold the sequence in memory

Click 2: Click the copy button in the copy function to grab the sequence for memory

I would like the copy function for JS to work as it does for flash. 


This was implemented this way due to some browser limitations (text has to be displayed/selected on secreen, and the copy has to be initiated by user interaction, e.g. a button click) - that said it looks like the current mechanism only sorta works and there might be some additional hacks that I can use to work around it. I’ll look into it.

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Thx for looking into this, LFP6!

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I wish to bring this problem to attention again as I have a feeling it may be related to the problem with lab puzzle title and comment field having general dementia. 

[Eterna JS] Lab description memory problems

These are things that is working in Eterna Flash but has not been transfered to Eterna JS.

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