EteRNA printing problem

I am attempting to print all 40 pages of EteRNA Dictionary. So far I have been able to print the first 15 pages. Thereafter page 16 has only notations in each corner, e.g. in left lower corner: “16 of 40” , left upper corner: “EteRNA dictionary - Google Drive”, right lower corner: :12/1/2012 4:25 PM, right upper corner: “ . . . . . . .”. The rest of the page is blank, except for “16” inward from the right lower corner. To me this appears to be an EteRNA related problem, as it has never occurred outside of EteRNA. Comments? mgbunem

Hi mgbunem,

The dictionary is written using the Google Docs with which we do not have any technical relation. It is the internal problem within the Google Docs itself and we cannot provide an immediate solution.

Here is however, seemingly related problem discussion from google produc forum…