EteRNA Timelines

To EteRNA team,

I remember sometime when Elo had just been proposed that we would switch to various development weeks, once Elo has been implemented. I can’t seem to find the original thread though.

When is Elo going to be fully implemented?
Are we going to go ahead with Elo?

Whats happening?
Players Week
Groups Week
Website Optimisation Week
Lab Week
Tutorials Week

And what happened to Sneh?


Thanks for the great question. Elo is still being implemented. In fact, you can play with the beta test on-line now. However, because of limited developer cycles, it’s taking longer than expected to deploy. After that, we definitely want to cycle through a set of weeks on each of those topics.

In short: the plan hasn’t changed.

Sneh recently got a job offer and is off to work now.

EteRNA dev team mostly consists of students, so devs come and leave frequently at the change of semester.