EternaJS Problems

I use firefox: when I go to copy a sequence and hit the copy button, it doesn’t copy the sequence so I have to manually hit ctrl+c

Also “Low performance mode” is missing from the settings options in eternaJS, I hope it is intended to be brought back


Will look into why copy is failing. Low performance mode was removed anticipating that the (significant) performance gains moving away from Flash + reworking some of the code would be sufficient to resolve any performance issues anyone would be having - it’s sounding like that’s not the case. I’ll look into bringing that back.

I prefer low performance mode because the screen is less animated and helps me visualise what I want to do.

At a guess, it also might help my laptoposaurus with larger puzzles such as the 4-state TB ones which take forever to compute


I second Poll na gColm’s wish. The bubbles are beautiful for a glance, but I too prefer the Low performance mod. Or as what it really is - the clean performance view. 

In the current lab, after using the “U” and “D” keys to view the 2D structures, I click on designs to get back to the list mode. I used to be able to click on cancel while in the view,vote, sort window to bring up the list. It will no longer respond to my clicking on cancel. It sometimes makes a clicking sound when I just mouse over the button.  Using Chrome Ver.69.0.3497.100. 

Splitting out for tracking

Please reference the new conversation here: Cancel button doesn’t respond when re-entering design list