Existing strategies have not been run against latest labs yet :)

Basically we (as players) are still running around in the dark a bit trying to figure out what is good and what is bad when it comes to designing for the labs. That’s ok it will come with time - and hopefully the strategy market stuff can help us :slight_smile:

And you eternals (EteRNA devs and scientists) are all doing a fantastic job - so while it may sound like I’m moaning - I’m just wanting to add this to the task list really (and hopefully it’s quick and easy to do for a decent reward?)

There are (I gather) a bunch of bits of code that represent the various strategy market attempts so far.

But looking at the strategy market page and then looking in detail at lets say the berex test, I can see that it only gives reports on how well that strategy fares on maybe 6 or so of the oldest labs.

Can they please be run on all the other lab results - and that page updated (is that ‘trivial’?).

Ideally whenever lab results come through the bits of code for all the strategy markets should ‘automatically’ be run against each submitted sequence to see how well the sequences that went into the lab matched with their strategy.

Can we see how well the strategies do ordered by ‘lab’ too? We’re currently just getting how well they do “overall” and that’s cool and useful - but if we also can see on a lab by lab basis then perhaps we can pick out that a particular strategy is better at labs with for example symmetric structures (or it might come to nothing).

Also (obviously) there are a big pile of strategy market suggestions in the queue that would be nice to get up and running too - I appreciate that there is only so much time in the day and its a question of allocating limited resources.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi Edward,

We apologize for the delays in the strategy market now - we’ll try to get back the strategy scores for all designs in few days.

Thanks always for great ideas and your concerns.

EteRNA team

Hi Edward,

We just ran the strategy market on the all synthesized designs. Please visit the Strategy Market page to see updated results!