Explanation for 2-2 Loop (2) and several others needed...

How do i solve Loop Strategy Learn about the 2-2 Loop (2)? I have made the necessary connections to form the desired shape but the RNA does not fold. I have checked help resources like the loops guide but they were not helpful to say the least. I also completed the 2 previous puzzles through sheer luck. I could make them work but i have no idea WHY they worked. A through explanation on the underlying mechanics of this folding would be very welcome.

Hi Quaelgeist,

The trick is that you can stabilize loops by putting Red in the bases near the stack. In the puzzle you can put 2 reds in the left side of 2-2 loop to stabilize the loop.

The rest is how to place pairs - The hint is, try using 1 GC , 1AU for the top stack and 1 GU, 1 AU for the bottom stack.

Thanks for your answer. That works. (Altough i have no idea WHY it works)
Can Red Bases always be used to “stabilize loops” as you called it?
In the page “Loop Guide” it was shown that using red bases in loops reduces the calories of these loops. Not that i expected it to explain how proteine loops can have a calorie consumption in the first place but:
Is keeping the amound of calories of a loop (this “free energy consumption” thing? ) as low as possible helpful in stabilizing it?

Also: Why and in how far is the combination of Pairings in the stacks important?


Hi Quaelgeist!

I will try to answer the part of your question, where I have a bit of experience and leave the rest. I have made a guide, where other players have donated some of their solution to different structures in EteRNA. On the first two pages there are something about how to solve 2-2 loops. Unfortunately I can’t explain why this works, right now we are testing how to make 2-2 loops, in the lab.

Little tips and tricks guide

Also here is a dictionary, explaining other things about the game and giving examples.

Eterna dictionary

Hopes this helps a bit.