Finding the lab description page from a lab design page is a pita

(for the short version, just skip to the end of this forum post and look at the very last picture)

Today I received the following message in my inbox:

So naturally, I clicked the link in the message and was sent here:

And then of course I clicked on my design to look at it. But what I want to know is why did I receive the “good job” message? I need to be able to look at the lab description. But I cannot find any way to do this from any of these pages. There is no link to this specific lab page, no date, no identifying information other than the title and that it’s ‘round 2’ of some lab. So I copied the title and went to ‘active labs’ and searched for the title. No good matches. So I searched ‘previous labs’ - no results again.

Eventually I clicked “participate” here, since the lab title was similar (the words “improving” and “energy model” were common):

Clicking the participate button finally brought me to my destination:

There’s got to be an easier way

My suggestion is at least to apply the same link feature to labs that we already have in puzzles, where a player can simply click on the lab title and be sent to the description page like so:

Here is my guess:
The “good job” message states that you followed directions correctly.
The job by Joshua Weitzman (no offence intended) (6 votes) did not follow directions and received a “Bad Dog” message.