Flash focus loss (keyboard becomes inactive)

Little annoying thing that happens every now and then in both the puzzle solver and the editor:

When working on a puzzle mainly using hotkeys, sometimes the flash window in the browser (I’m using chrome, observed it in firefox too however) loses focus. By that I mean, that the hotkeys become inactive and only clicking once into the window makes the keyboard “enabled” again. Here is one case where I observed it happen in the majority of tries to recreate the situation:

  • when having (multiple) objectives and the last mouse input changes the status of the objective. Usually going from satisfied to unsatisfied objective status this loss of focus happens, so people who attempt to improve an already solved puzzle probably encounter this issue more often. Order of input usually is keyboard_input -> mouse_input --(status change)-> inactive keyboard.

I think this has been reported a few times - loss of focus definately hits me with firefox but I’ve got used to paint/switch a base, hit Z to undo find it doesn’t work, click into the puzzle (not on a base), hit Z the action undoes hit Z a few more times it works,

So now when I’m thinking to improve a puzzle if I paint a base, I auto click on black space near the puzzle before I hit Z :slight_smile: