Imagine if you could navigate in lab design like you do with photos.
I have uploaded designs from one of the current labs to show how easy it could be to view lab designs.
Remember, this is only a demo, and made with the intention of giving you a feel for what it could be like. But the idea is that this should be usable with all the functions we already have.

Thx to Akamu for coining the term FlickRNA

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I found a way for us to actually get this in an automated way.

When Nando made short cuts for us - to look through the designs fast - he practically left hooks out that can be used for this.

Here is how to call it. When watching a design in the classic browser - click D to see the next design. You will then get taken directly to the next design - without having to click back to the design list. You will simply get to the next design on the list as you have sorted it. To go back, to the design before click U.

Now I wanted this to be hands off and not having to click each time, but have it done at a timed interval.

I saw a comrade play a small strategy game and he used a small program to auto collect stuff in the game. I asked him how he did it. It was a small program with an automated clicker.

I couldn’t use the program he used as it only worked for automated mouse clicks. But I found another program that works for keyboard shortcuts too.


It works like a charm.


I can now DDDD my way through the designs without continuously having to press down the shortcut key. I now have my own lab data movie. :slight_smile: I simply love it.