Flip nucleotide feature

I think that a handy feature would be one that flips the nucleotides on opposite sides of a stack. Such that a pair would go from GC to CG in one click. This could be activated using the F key.

Yes! I love this idea. Would cut my clicks in half. Another option is clicking a bond will make the nucleotides swap. But some sort of flip feature would be amazing.

I’ve added it to our teams task at # 130.

I also thought that there might be an option to create pairs along stacks - like G-C in one click - even quads - but it might lose some of the great clean-ness of this game.

Hey Matt,
So I love this feature. Sadly due to developer time we won’t be able to add it in the near future. However I will let you know if we start working on it later. (personally I am going to push for it, because I’m a huge fan).

And to the rest of the EteRNA community, if you want this feature, reply to this post or like the idea!

Thanks for the idea Matt!