Game tips to be displayed during the Mission screen

It seems that there are several features/strategies that most people do not know of. Such as, command (control)-clicking tags a nucleotide.
One good way of informing players would be to have a random tip displayed on the mission screen of the challenges. Probably somewhere near the bottom.

Oh - I didn’t have any idea you could “tag” a nucleotide! (will be trying that out right away) Thx for tip, Matt, and yes, I also think your tip idea is good, with the addition that one also be able to continue repeating tips, and read the whole list at once if you want - in case you want to scan for tips addressing specific types of questions or functionality ( I’d hate to have to wait for the start of a new puzzle to get a tip, or to only be able to see one tip at a time).

Perhaps also, as an adjunct idea, a more fully fleshed out “How-to” document may be in order. Fold-it players were always bemoaning the lack of better documentation there; hopefully the EteRNA developers will be a bit more pro-active in addressing issues of documentation gaps early on. Judging by the fantastically quick responses I’ve seen so far, I’m inclined to believe the developers here will take this to heart and supply needed or requested additional documentation as soon as they are able.

Where’s the list of keyboard accelerators? I only found out about the z (undo) key by accident.

Hi Paul…

Take a look here:…