Hot Keys documentation

Hot Key List

Undo ~ z
Redo ~ y
Zoom out ~ - (minus)
Zoom in ~ + (plus)
Reset to start ~ r

Mutate to Adenine (yellow) ~ 1
Mutate to Uracil (blue) ~ 2
Mutate to Guanine (red) ~ 3
Mutate to Cytosine (green) ~ 4

Tag a nucleotide ~ Ctrl+Click
Untag ~ Ctrl+Click

Would be excellent if other undocumented hot keys could be added as well.

Most of the hot-keys are in fact documented. A mouse-over will show you a tool-tip for each button, including the hot-key.

More Hot-Keys:

Switch to Natural Mode ~ Space
Switch back to Target Mode ~ Space

Swap paired bases ~ 5

Zoom in/out ~ mouse wheel

It can be a bit tedious to move the mouse back to the action selection buttons on the playing field. It would be nice if by pressing the ‘a’, ‘u’, ‘c’, ‘g’ and ‘s’ keys you could select the corresponding function. Also it would be convenient if the buttons were ‘active’ so that not only did it switch the function, but by pressing the key, it would also perform that action on any nucleotide under the mouse just as if pressing the mouse button.

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Cool Idea!

q: AU pair
w: UG pair
e: GC pair
r: Restart
+: Zoom in
-: Zoom out

Something I’ve noticed is that, at times, when I click a pair, I’ll lose the ability to use a hotkey. When that happens, it’s necessary to click something again.