I cannot sign into game using the fb link.

The link to sign in using fb is not working.

Hi Zenda772

This has been added to our issue tracker with ticker number #241

You can check the issue at


Thank your!!

I have been having the same issue and cant get into my account either.

I found the only walk around was to pretend I had lost password and have them send me a email link to make a new one and then after following link I then put in new pass word and it logs me in for a while. Then they change fb book log in protocols and I have to do it again.

Has this issue been resolved? The previous link says the issue was closed, but Zenda772 is in chat right now saying she’s still experiencing the same issue

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Fix it, had to update the book mark with eterna.cmu.edu. Now it works weird.

It appears FB login only works for eterna.cmu.edu, not eternagame.org (message fromfb.com/connect/ping in chrome js console says: “Given URL is not allowed by the Application configuration”)