I cant post any of my Sara predictions in the forum

I cant post any of my predictions for Sara in the forum right now. I have a very long list of predictions that I need to post fills 8+ pages in word. Please allow me to post very long posts or somethings. When I try to access the post I just created it says I dont have access to it and it does not show up in the list of posts. I tried to post something titled “Exclusion NG 2 predictions for bad performing  designs in lab MN/MS2 Riboswitch Structure: the Paper” and a few other variations of that. I have the predictions all ready for all the Exclusion and Same State sublabs I just need somewhere I can put them.  I am dead in the water until this is figured out.


Hi Jennifer!

The forum software is controlled by GetSatisfaction, not EteRNA.  I doubt there is anything an  Eterna person can do allow longer posts.

My suggestion would be to put the long lists in a Google Doc.  Then you could post the description of the significance of the lists here, and include a link to the lists themselves.

OK thanks Omei. I forget about Google Docs since I always have a pretty bad internet connection. 

Really sorry about this! It seems it got caught in the spam filter, and oddly enough I can’t seem to get your posts unstuck, even the shorter ones you used the gdoc link in (they aren’t displaying correctly in the management interface for some reason). It looks like a GetSat issue, I’m going to open up a ticket with them.

I am locked out

I was actually trying to be really productive today :frowning:

I will login as Sara and post everything then

Yeah, I noticed. :slight_smile: Let me get this worked out for you.

Ok, Nando has deflagged everything, I’m cleaning all that up now.