I-Pad EteRNA App?

Will there be an ipad app coming out any time soon? This would open up another large market of designers!


We really wish we could do this.

But unfortunately, currently Apple products do not support Adobe flash player and cannot run EteRNA : (

We are looking into alternative ways to do this. We’ll update this post as soon as we find something.

  • EteRNA team

I’m pretty sure this is an amazing opportunity to expand EteRNA to people, and I for one, am starting to catch the addiction of EteRNA. It’s amazing, simply put. If this were to make it to the App Store somehow, i’d pay a good $20 for it. And i’d be on it all day. Ha. Hopefully Jobs will agree to Flash for iProducts someday x).

I would be happy to try and re-program the game without using flash… Jeehyung, can you contact me?

Hi Eric - wow that would be incredible! Just end you an email : ]

Hey, would love to help out with this. I am looking for a project to get started with iOS development and this is something to get me motivated. Drop me a message if you need a hand.

Greetings everyone… I am a mobile game developer and I can tell you that it is possible to port this game to the iPad using Adobe AIR without rewriting it.

The game is Flash based, which means it is likely written in AS3. The same codebase could be used in an Actionscript Mobile project and even accelerated on the GPU using the Starling framework and Flash/AIR’s Stage3D capabilities.

If any of the software engineers for the eterna project would like to know more information just shoot me a message!

username - synja

Any progress on this?

Unfortunately nothing from my end… we wanted to help rebuild it (not port with Adobe Air) and didn’t get much traction. Would still love to see this happen and happy to help any way possible.

Eric / sinja - I’d caution you against drawing any conclusion from lack of response from the lab’s programming group. In my experience communications are not “fault tolerant”, to get technical … narrrow-band … single channel … prone to outage and loss of data.
“Single point of contact” can become “single point of failure” … hang in there!

I’d recommend you ping whatever contact you’ve had with the project group. This “app” thing is non-trivial, and what you’ve offered here is substantial. Persistence might reward you … to everyone’s benefit.


p.s. see my “Idea” for Facebook “mini-demo” / gamelet.

I hope we could get this rolling - I’m not a programmer, but could do with some good puzzle work when I’m travelling…

I googled for “eterna ipad app” and this was the first link provided. I am definitely interested in something like this. I would also love to help.