Improved Ctrl+L Click

It would be super helpful to have a slightly more customizable ctrl+left click. It’s easy to lose track of individual ACGU’s with just a black circle around them when bouncing back and forth between states. Ideally one could label them with a short string of text or even just a single character. But an option to have two or more different colors would work too.


Regarding marking, there’s been a lot of ideas already proposed, for instance in…

So far, I haven’t participated to the debate… I’m simply unsure what to agree to, what is worth implementing or not, and at what cost.

Lately, I’ve been thinking along the lines of a framework of internal primitives that would allow for let’s call it a ‘tool’ to overlay various graphical objects over the puzzle/design: lines, markers, possibly arcs, etc, in any color the tool would choose to use. This is something that could appear in the game this year, but I must warn that it’s still very much in the conceptual phase.

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I agree with you Nando as to what tool would be best. At the moment it would be helpful to be able to paste the bra with highlights instead of having to click for each my. For example in the MS2 labs I highlight the entire sequence.

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Thanks Nando. Looking forward to whatever you guys come up with. Your idea sounds like it would work great. By the way, your name has been popping up a lot while I’ve been watching old conferences. Everybody seems to be saying a lot of good stuff about you. I plan on being around for a while so I’m curious what your involvement has been with the community.

Long story short, I joined about 3 years ago as a simple player, possibly a bit more active than average, and through my involvement with the wiki server, I became more and more acquainted with the staff. At some point, I “accidentally sneaked” into some staff-reserved areas, and it was decided that the easiest way to resolve the issue was to make me an official member of the team. Depending where you stand, you could call it a “happy accident” :smiley:

For the moment (and when my schedule allows for it), I’m mostly working on various developments and prototypes associated with the Flash-based applet, and also on some labs-related things, like preparing specially crafted puzzles (for which we don’t have an editor yet)

Haha, that’s awesome. They seem to be really happy to have you. I’m looking for a way to contribute, but my skills are more oriented towards VFX and animation. I’m pretty good at it but it’s going to take a little effort to come up with a way to work with the file types that most PDB models convert to. I’d like to eventually donate some of my time to the guys at Stanford and come up with some pretty cool CG animations for their presentations or possibly advertisement. Sadly I hadn’t heard of Eterna until it was featured on KhanAcademy as a result of all the attention it got from NOVA. It’s an amazing idea and I think it should get a lot more publicity than it does.

Nando, when you say “graphical objects”, you’re thinking of objects that are anchored by specific bases and would move with those bases as the 2D structure changes, right? Not things that are could be done with a graphics program on a frozen image. This seems useful.

But I have to say that just being able to set the color of the circle we already have would be a huge gain, presumably with little effort. (Always easy to say when you’re not the one doing it.) :slight_smile:

@Omei: yes, these objects would be anchored to the base(s), that’s the only way they could be useful, you’re absolutely right, and it’s of course no surprise that you had the same “vision” :wink:

You also most likely understand that I feel uncomfortable investing any amount of time on something that I’m already planning to supersede with a more ambitious framework, specially when my todo-list is already somewhat longer than reasonable…

I’ll see what I can do, but no promises.

Absolutely, use your own judgment on where you can make the most impact with your time.

Thank you again, Nando, for becoming an official Eterna developer!