Improved Statistics Display in Lab Graphic Design Interface

Hi All,

Currently, in the Lab Graphic Design Page, there are two completely different methods of displaying Free Energy (Permanent little square black window in upper left corner), and Melting Point (just recently implemented as a two-click sequence living in the toolbar across the bottom of the page).

While not wanting to appear critical of, or ungrateful for the recent improvements (the addition of Melting Point info), I do think that having these dual, separate, different display methodologies for these twin pieces of critical information is inconsistent, inconvenient, and awkward. I especially find the the two-stage click and two mini-window pop-up design for the Melting Point display to be a rather awkward implementation (sincerest apologies to the designer for this biting criticism)

What I’d really LIKE to see instead, and what I am suggesting - is that these two pieces of information, along with the three pair-counts appear in the graphic display in a similar but smaller, thinner version of the display used in the voting window. These 5 pieces of info could be displayed in the same order and in the same format as they appear in the voting interface, providing the same compact, familiar, and consolidated view during design, that we currently appreciate and enjoy in the voting window during the comparison and voting process. This thin dark background, white bordered window (identical in format to the voting window version), could easily fit either just above or just below the current toolbar, and be either the same length or shorter, and could easily only consume about a quarter inch or less of screen height. It would be convenient, compact, easy to read, and would match in most respects, (no sort boundary fields) the corresponding existing voting display of the same information, providing familiarity and consistency of design across related pages.

Thanks, and Best Regards,