Improvement to Profile pages

Right now, the profile pages look a little empty for me. With the upcoming public release, I would suggest adding more elements to it, for example:

  • Player Ranks: Depending on the player’s actions in the game, s/he could get a “Rank” under his username, like “Novice” for newly-registered users, “Challenger” for the ones who have completed the tutorials and have solved their first puzzles, “Lab Assistant” for users who have managed to get chosen for synthesis, etc… We can even have custom ranks for players who win in special events, such as a Lab round with a short deadline.

  • Achievements: Well, there’s already a section, but I haven’t seen any yet. We can have badges for being the top player in a Competition, for choosing the top-score design in a Lab round, completing all the difficulty levels in a certain puzzle or for more trivial things, such as filling up the “About me” section of the profile.

  • Group Banner: Yeah, how about letting the users in a group make their own banner so they can display it in their profile pages? I thought of this mostly because the “Your Groups” section looks a little empty.

I like the idea of adding more achievements. Getting your RNA synthesized, and creating/voting for a winning design would be good.

More achievements are on the way! We will let you know when they are added.