Improvement to Screenshots

If when a player screenshots, it screen shots the puzzle name as well.
And as an additional extra, if we have done the puzzle ourselves, It is also linked to our version of the puzzle.

I don’t know how much more complicated this would be, but also maybe another link called “Mirror” in which the picture we are looking at, becomes the interactive version but only a temporary one. Would greatly simplify walking people through their puzzle.

It would help a lot to see the conditions (upper left corner) as well.

Hi Berex, Madde

The task is listed as #336 - it’s current state is “pending” and it will be visited once we move our dev focus on “website optimization”

EteRNA team

Hi Jeehyung,

Thank you for replying.
Maybe I’m missing something, but I just looked up 336.
Its described as “In screen shots, indicate whether it was taken in target mode or natural mode”

Thats quite different to what I’m suggesting?

Agreed; it’s true that the current 336 is in the right direction, but the current 336 is not really very useful at all compared to this suggestion, in my opinion.

Berex, Chris sorry about confusion - we didn’t update the entry after discussing this matter. As a start we plan to add in whether the screenshot was taken in natural/target mode, the title, and link to the puzzle itself.

I was about to mention including conditions in the screenshots, but nucleotide numbers and also node energy might be a good idea.

Could we please see conditions in screenshots? It would be very helpful.