Improving/adding a player search feature and/or an alpha directory.

Can eteRna consider improving the players list with a alpha list (literally - A, B, C etc to click on so you can get to a letter faster) also maybe a search window to help locate a player. Just a thought. Right now it is hard to find an individual in the player area, I had to scroll through 38 sets of next
jeehyung: Hi Clollin - it’s listed as task #297 in our task list : )
starryjess: bye
clollin: Jeehyung - Ohhh, only that many on your list! lol. Sorry to add another - please understand that i believe this is one of the greatest creations in modern science!!! Real, accessable, practical, functional, user friendly, etc. If we want to create a scientifically literate culture in the US and the world;
clollin: We need more of the youth of the world playing games like this as opposed to shoot um up games - but before that can happen, someone has to create the games that they will want to play!
jeehyung: I fully agree, clollin. We keep track of tasks at the forum, so it’s a good place to leave your suggestions : )
clollin: That’s a place I have never visited before. I will check it out.

Great idea. Now listed as feature 464 in the bug tracker.