Inbox indicator problem

When I get a reply in my Inbox I get an indicator stating number of messages. Currently, this indicator adds all previous replies to incoming replies since last checkup (thus I can appear to have 54 new messages in my inbox if one message has been added since the 53rd)

Thanks for reporting bogains

This bug has been reported as bug #451 in our task list. We’ll work on it ASAP.

EteRNA team

Recently I have been unable to see the Inbox indicator problem, so either my machine had temporary problems now gone, or you have fixed the bug :slight_smile:

Yes boganis, our DB entry regarding your message reads was corrupted so we restored it. Let us know if that happens again.

EteRNA team

I was having this issue before too. It seemed to be better earlier today, but I think now it’s back.

hmm, now seems fixed again…

It’s back. All messages came up as new messages just a little while ago when I was sent a new message

Thanks for reporting again Ding, boganis.

Do you remember which message made that happen? Was it a message about comment on the puzzle or soltuion?

Thanks in advance!

EteRNA team

It was a message about a comment from Ding on my puzzle Sinking Sailing Ship.