Information while designing in RNA Lab.

When designing in RNA Lab, there should be more information available online, such as melting point and pairs counts


That is a fantastic idea. Actually, in a previous incarnation of the game, this information was available, but the interface was too kludge-y to be released to players. Bug #56 states that we should put this back in, and we will do so as soon as we can. Currently the status of this bug is set to deferred as we are working as hard as possible to add some major functionality to the site. We will get back to you as soon as we fix this. Thanks for the feedback!

I like this idea a lot; I think it would help everyone learn, if they could see how their moves affect and interact with the various puzzle metrics - as they happen - not afterwards. Strong second to this. Glad to see it is already in the works. :slight_smile:

Hey guys. This feature has been implemented by one of our awesome developers, Minjae. I saw a version of it in the developer’s meeting and it looks really good. I think there were still a few wrinkles to work out before we deploy it, but keep your eye’s peeled!

Since my last comment here, the importance of this idea (in my own mind) has become elevated from at first thinking it would just be cool, nice and useful - to now, feeling it is an absolutely essential aid and reference while designing in the lab. I am so glad you all are working on this, and that we will be seeing it soon!

Many thanks and much praise.


“View melting point” button has been added to the lab interface now. Let us know if you have trouble using it!

EteRNA team