IO Error #2032 wastes time and costs points!

What causes the “IO ERROR: Could not open csv IO ERROR #2032”? I have been getting a lot of those – many times in some puzzles. Once it occurred when submitting the puzzle design – so I had to do the puzzle again to get the points. It happens in changing nucleotides and in clicking on the reverse pairs icon.

It is frustrating because I don’t know if it is the eterna website, my browser (opera), my internet connection, or something else.

Hi MountainGal!

Thanks for your reporting of this. Jieux says he gets the same error too. I have notified Jee about it.

Hi MountaiGal,

can you tell us the puzzles in which you saw the error message? It’ll help us debug the problem.

we are sorry about the trouble.

Eterna team

I get this message hundreds of times every time I am in EteRNA. I don’t think it’s puzzle dependent (although I’ve had the same issue in puzzle submission, although I don’t see the points, I have not lost my solutions). Someone in chat said it had to do with your Internet connection. That may be true, the wireless connection I am using is not to be trusted.

I noticed this error message when my cable modem was down - broken Internet.

I haven’t gotten that message for a while, but my solution to SnRNA Difficulty Level 1 won’t submit. It hangs up on the “Submitting your design. Please wait” message. I don’t loose my solution, but I never get the points. Each time I try to submit it, the same thing happens. It happened on one other puzzle, but after trying for 3 or 4 times, it did submit. Jieux said he had the same problem with an SnRNA puzzle. (Right now, I am trying again. It has had me “waiting” for about 30 minutes.

This has been added to our issue tracker with ticker number #54

You can check the issue at…

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Thanks for your idea!

EteRNA team

Issue #54 is “Solution won’t submit properly.”, which was started 8 days ago, not this issue.