Is there a larger natural mode template available for freelancing?

Is it possible to create a template with 500 to 600 nucleotide bases in the natural mode for those of us who want to experiment and play around with slightly larger known RNA sequences in between submissions? We might spot something or be able to add to the knowledge base while we are goofing around…just an idea.

We are currently working on implementing a way to have players create their own puzzles that you could use to play around with RNA and make your own puzzles for other players. We are always looking for feedback on how to best integrate this:…

Thank you Daniel…for now we will use Octopus Spring (level four difficulty) to test our motifs and principles. It has room for 420 nucleotides which will accomodate a diagonally driven RNA C.Elegans sequence 30 triplets long.
The PALA C Elegans repetitive sequence is 150 triplets long and its one of the short ones so you can see where we would like this to go. We will invest our time if we get the nucleotides eventually.

We know this is wandering off the path from what you may intend for this wonderful idea of yours but if we do spot something, rest assured you will be the first to know. And If we don’t find anything – that is ok too.

We share in the spirit of this truly ingenious approach.

We look forward to more nucleotides to test with.